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April 30, 2017

Visit to Canberra Yacht Club

Today after my Sunday afternoon ballet class, I headed off to the southside and Yarralumla to visit Canberra Yacht Club. It was easy to find and just next to Nara Peace Park by Lake Burley Griffin.

I found a carpark easily and headed up the stairs and ramp up to the appropriately blue and white club. I signed in using my licence, ordered a cosmopolitan and wagyu beef burger at the bar and settled myself down with my order number on a stand in a comfortable yellow leather chair with my back to a fireplace with a view towards Nara Park, a bridge, Lake Burley Griffin, birds and a number of yachts.

As I drank my cosmo and ate my burger, I watched the sun in its golden hour, bathing everything in its glow before sinking into the distance and painting pink and purple pastel colours across the sky.

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February 7, 2016

Exploring Springbrook National Park

I decided to spend a day up at Springbrook National Park. It’s about a 45 minute drive from the Gold Coast but well worth the journey. I drove up into the mountains and found that light rain and mist were lingering around. This made it seem even more magical. I parked my car and did the Purlingbrook Falls track. This is a 4km track which goes in a circuit to the Purlingbrook Falls and back to the car park. I walked on the pathway which was adjacent to the cliff.

From this path I could see the top of the waterfall cascading down forcefully to the rocks and pool below. I walked past native rainforest plants, wildflowers and tree ferns. I spotted a yellow robin and a couple of butterflies. The rainforest was very peaceful and calming. Soon I was at the bottom of the waterfall. I gazed up at this tower of water before me.

Even just the sound of it was soothing. The water spurted out from orange coloured rocks in a straight white torrent. I gazed mesmerised. Then I made my way back. Afterwards I had a mocha and a brownie at a nearby cafe’ then made my way to the Natural Bridge which was about 17km away. I drove through the green rolling fields of Numinbah Valley adorned with cattle and horses. I remember I did a trail ride here for my birthday a few years back.

Then I was at the Natural Bridge. I parked my car, read the information signs and began the walk. There were a few steps but not too many. Soon I was at the Natural Bridge. This place takes my breath away every time-it’s so enthralling. I looked at the rocks forming a bridge with the waterfall cascading behind and through them. I wandered over to the glow worm cave which this was attached to. Then I did the rest of the walk, stopping at various lookouts on the way.

February 7, 2016

Trip to Brisbane

I recently went on a day trip to Brisbane from the Gold Coast. There I caught the City Cat ferry using my Go Card from Queensland Transport and criss crossed the Brisbane River on my way to South Bank. On the way we passed the Queensland Maritime Museum and I saw the skyline of Brisbane.

Soon we were at South Bank and I disembarked the ferry. I looked at the riverside views, walked past the Brisbane Eye and through the archway laced with wisteria. Soon I was at the Brisbane Museum. I had seen that the Medieval Exhibition was on and I was keen to go and see it. I paid to see the exhibition and went upstairs. At the top I gave my ticket to the cashier and entered the exhibit.

Tinkling medieval music played in the background. The British Museum had lent this museum medieval objects which they would display here until April before they would be returned. I saw swords, figurines and so on. They were awe inspiring to look at and just marvel at how old they were! There were paintings on the walls also. Each object had information about it beside it. I would highly recommend this exhibition.

September 30, 2015

Relaxing day at Palm Cove

I decided to go for a drive and explore one of Cairns’ northern beaches: Palm Cove. I’d heard from one of my friends that this was a nice spot. I drove past the
giant statue of Captain Cook and past tall palm trees on the highway.


Within about half an hour I was there. I’d never seen so many palm trees in my life! The area had a sense of sophistication about it and was flanked by groovy shops, cafe’s, a surf club and fancy hotels.


I found a carpark and headed straight for the beach. Life guards were patrolling and the red and yellow flags were up. It was a bit overcast but the sea breeze was refreshing and the sound of the palm fronds moving in the breeze brought me pure relaxation.
I waded into the water and went for a swim. The water felt quite warm for the ocean put refreshing. I turned and looked at my surroundings. There were two islands out to sea: one larger on the other side of the jetty which was filled with people fishing and another, a small island straight out from the beach.








A sail boat crossed the water in front of the smaller island. Later I
walked along the jetty and back and marvelled at the views surrounding me. Then I bought a hot dog for lunch and a mango and passionfruit ice cream for afterwards. Lastly I wandered along a pathway to the end where it met entry to a beach and back again. What a relaxing day.


September 13, 2015

Lunch at Malanda Dairy Centre

I decided to stop by for lunch at Malanda Dairy Centre while I was up on the Atherton Tablelands. I walked inside the glass and wooden doors past cow statues with fancy decorations on them. I ordered a burger with chips, a slice of pecan pie and a lime smoothie. I saw there was a museum section inside too. I sat at a table, ate my lunch and enjoyed the atmosphere. September 2 063 September 2 064 September 2 066 September 2 068 September 2 069

September 13, 2015

Trip to the Atherton Tablelands and Crystal Caves


I went on a drive to the Atherton Tablelands. It was about a 2 hour drive and I took my GPS to guide the way. The road did have a few blind corners so I drove extra carefully.

Once I had climbed to the top of the Atherton Tablelands, the view I saw was like nothing I’d experienced in my life! It’s so hard to put it into words because it was that September 2 010 - CopySeptember 2 011 - CopySeptember 2 013 - CopySeptember 2 014September 2 016 - CopySeptember 2 017 - CopySeptember 2 019September 2 020September 2 022 - CopySeptember 2 027 - Copybreathtakingly beautiful. Rolling grassy hills and fields swept away towards the lower ground dotted with cows grazing. Purple mountains rimmed the horizon. Leafy green trees lined the road as I drove along.

I came to the Crystal Caves and parked my car. I saw a groovy four wheel drive outside the Crystal Caves. I walked inside, bought my ticket and was given a miner style helmet with a flashlight at the front of it. I wandered in…

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September 12, 2015

Cairns Zip Lining


I went for a weekend to Cairns and decided to go zip lining! I had actually never done this before. I remembered old high ropes courses from my school days when I would climb across an obstacle course with a safety harness on. 20150823_10173520150823_102240

I remembered this being scary at the time.  I do have cousins in Melbourne who go zip lining all the time at an adventure park there so I thought I’d give it a shot. I got to the Reef Hotel Casino in Cairns and caught the lift to the floor where Cairns Zoom was.20150823_102457

I walked out the doors, showed my prepaid ticket and walked up the stairs through the glass doors. Animal noises greeted me as did rainforest trees and a glass dome above my head. I could see the high and low Zoom courses above me.20150823_11251320150823_113002

I walked past black cockatoos, ducks and other animals…

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September 12, 2015

On the train to Kuranda


20150830_112941I decided to go on an adventure to a village in the rainforest called Kuranda. I had arranged my ticket for the bus, scenic train and skyrail previously and had been given an itinerary of times which my bus, train and skyrail would be leaving.20150830_09035220150830_09465920150830_094652

I waited at the bus stop. Soon after the bus came and I hopped aboard. There were few stops along the way at various hotels to collect passengers. The drive was smooth and scenic.

Then we were at the Cairns train station. We clambered out of the bus and onto the platform. On the platform was an old fashioned train. Through the windows I could see leather maroon wide seats, wooden panelling and artwork inside the carriage.

I asked a fellow passenger to take my photo as I was travelling alone and didn’t want to take a selfie with no background of the train. The…

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September 2, 2015

Trip to Dunk Island


Recently I went on a trip to a place called Dunk Island which is an island not far out to sea across from Wongaling and Mission Beach in Tropical Far North Queensland. I booked a ticket with the water taxi some days prior to the journey. On the day of the journey I saw the boat anchored at sea and people wading out to it in about knee height water. It was such an adventurous feeling taking my thongs off, feeling the sand beneath my feet and the waves around my shins as I clambered on the boat after them.11794611_1020344984650703_2808606955710004951_o

Across the waves we rushed closer and closer to the island until at last we were at a jetty! Onto the jetty we climbed. I took a moment to stand on the edge, leaning on the frame and gazing out at the view that unfolded around me. Across the sparkling…

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August 16, 2015

Horse Riding

20150816_13330020150816_12234620150816_123219Today I went horse riding on Kurrimine Beach in Tropical North Queensland. It’s about a 30 minute drive from Wongaling Beach. I passed a winery on the drive. Back to the beach-it has golden sand, rock pools, plants and coastal trees. Out at sea I could see islands and a reef. I got on the horse and away we went down the beach. It was a very memorable experience.