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August 12, 2017

Day Trip to Young

Today I did a day trip to a town famous for cherries which had been recommended to me by a childhood friend. Yes, I am talking about the town of Young in NSW which is roughly two hours drive from Canberra. I set off around 8.30AM and drove along the Barton and Hume highways before going onto country roads. There were a couple of potholes here and there but overall it was a pretty smooth drive. Soon green fields and crops appeared, as did fluffy white sheep and cattle grazing on the fields beside the road. I spied the bright green and red of rosellas and saw a flash of white as a sulphur crested cockatoo soared overhead.

After about two hours, I was in Young! I passed a sign adorned with cherries (a motif I would see repeated everywhere) and parked at the well-sign-posted and easy to find information centre, which was housed in what appeared to be a rather historical-looking building. I entered through the doors and was greeted by wonderfully friendly staff. I received a map of the town and was asked if there was anything in particular I would like to see. I said I was interested in the museum I had seen a sign for further down the road. The lady helpfully explained the way there and circled the location on the map for me. She also circled a nearby park and said there was a good cafe’ behind the museum.

I thanked her and had a look around the information centre. I picked up some leaflets about Young and other regions in NSW. Then I bought a postcard of Young, some cherry jam and a bottle of pinot noir I saw in the wine cellar. After depositing the goods in my car, I milled around the art gallery which had free admission. There were lots of pretty works of art to be seen, including still life and landscapes but with figures in the pictures. My favourite picture was of two men looking out to a glorious sunset with their dogs at their side. I thought it was brilliant.

Then I left my car in the 2P free car park and set off on a walk around the town. I passed a playground and stopped off at a fudge factory. I saw loads of lollies but settled on a chocolate cherry liqueur, sticky date and butter pecan fudge pieces respectively. They came all nicely wrapped up in a little box and in a pretty pink and white striped bag. I continued my way around the town and read lots of information signs about historical buildings including the bank and old school which is now a museum. I also bought an oil burner and a nice romantic fiction book. I eventually completed my journey around the town and ended up where I had began. Then I bought a 1.5L bottle of water from IGA and put the street address of the museum into my GPS as I didn’t quite know my way well enough around the town just yet.

It led me straight to the museum where I parked my car. It was now about lunch time so I decided to have lunch first and then visit the museum; I wasn’t in a hurry after all. I bought a cappuccino in a mug and a slice of someone’s mum’s famous carrot cake. I also ordered a chicken salad with pumpkin and cous cous. All of it was absolutely delicious and was enjoyed out in the courtyard in the winter sun as I read my Paddington book by Michael Bond.

After having a delicious lunch and reading a fair bit of my novel, I headed off to the museum. I paid the very affordable $6 admission fee for an adult and entered the museum. I was met with a whole lot of history about the Gold Rush era and the town of Young and the people who had lived there in times past. There was an old horse carriage and many other old devices. There were old war medals and an afternoon dress and wedding dresses. There was history about so many events and it fascinated the hell out of me.

After quite a long time wandering around the museum and reading all of the information, I headed back outside and crossed the road to the park that had been recommended to me back at the information centre. I walked through an archway with the name of the park and read a sign saying a rose garden was dedicated to someone. I walked along a gravelly path and up into a gazebo with the sunlight streaming through the gaps in the wood. The gazebo gave me a good view of the park and to the Catholic church beside it. I walked out of the gazebo and walked the length of the park.

There was a children’s birthday party happening near the end of the park and there were blue balloons everywhere. I walked back through the park opposite the Catholic church and settled on the well-mown green, soft grass and continued reading my book in the winter sun; it was just gorgeous. Then I drove to the Chinese tribute garden and parked my car there. It was only about 3km away up the road. I walked across a little bridge and past two great granite lions and a great red archway. I walked around a little path which led around the central water feature of the garden. I also passed a lovely little waterfall.

I saw there were fish in the surrounding water and one was bright orange. Having completed my circuit around the garden and finding some early spring daffodils, I settled on some grass near the dam on the other side and continued reading my book again in the winter sun. After that I drove off back to Canberra, passing a sign saying Thankyou for visiting as I did.


May 5, 2014

Jack in the Green Festival, Hastings

I went to the “Jack in the Green” Festival today. People had wreaths of green leaves or colourful flowers in their hair to celebrate spring and some had their faces painted too.Jack in the Green Festival 094

Also at the festival were a lot of motorbikes of varying makes, each belonging to a proud rider clad in leather trousers and jackets. Motorbikes of varying colours and designs lined the promenade into the distance.Motorbikes

There were motorbike-themed markets selling clothing, jewellery and books too. There were also other market stalls.Market Stalls

I walked past the stores and peered at what was for sale: very fascinating array of wares, especially the jewellery which glinted silver. I made my way back to the promenade and ate a delicious and huge Cornish pasty.Jack in the Green Festival 080 Jack in the Green Festival 081

I walked back along the promenade in the opposite direction, past the outdoor jazz venue on the seafront which had many people out on its deck and found a red and inviting Mr Whippy van.Mr Whippy Van

I bought a vanilla ice cream with a crunchy chocolate flake. Wandering along the beach, I found an English seashell in amongst the pebbles as the seagulls swam in the sea.

Jack in the Green Festival 083 Jack in the Green Festival 108 Jack in the Green Festival 109 Jack in the Green Festival 112 Jack in the Green Festival 113 Jack in the Green Festival 114 Jack in the Green Festival 115


August 12, 2012

Back home safe and sound

Just to let everyone know I arrived back safely in Brisbane, Australia yesterday. My mum picked me up from the airport, insisted on carrying my backpack for me and drove me home where I was spoiled so much! 😀

August 8, 2012

Flying back to Australia Tomorrow

I’m flying back to Australia tomorrow! It’s strange how one can get used to travelling. I’ve had the most amazing, life-changing experience travelling Europe. I visited England, Germany, Italy and France, four very different and interesting countries. I’ve seen so many amazing sights, met loads of great people and eaten lots of yummy food! This experience will be imprinted in my memory forever. Thank you so much for following this blog, commenting and liking my posts. You guys have been so supportive of me travelling from the very beginning and I thank you so much for that. Until my next travels then! 🙂

August 8, 2012

Versailles the most beautiful place on Earth


I went to Versailles today! It is such a magnificent, luxurious and beautiful palace and oh my gosh the gardens are massive! Words cannot even begin to describe the feeling the place gives you. I looked at the King’s Bedchamber, the Queen’s Bedchamber, the Dauphine’s Bedchamber and the magical Hall of Mirrors! The Queen’s Bedchamber had a giant jewellery box and a secret door by the bed which Marie used to escape to the King’s Bedchamber when the French revolutionists came and stormed the palace. Unfortunately the French revolutionists subjected both Marie and her husband King Louis the XIV to the guillotine. People dipped their handkerchiefs in Marie’s blood for a souvenir afterwards.
The King’s Bedchamber:

The Queen’s Bedchamber:

The Dauphine’s Bedchamber:


I saw the table laid with cutlery where the King and Queen ate in public. The serviettes were styled in fancy shapes.

I saw giant high heels at the end of the Hall of Mirrors. Marie Antoinette made high heels famous for women as apparently she was not very tall so used the heels to gain some height on the king.

After the palace I walked into the amazing gardens. The Grand Canal runs through the centre of them where people can hire paddle boats.





I walked to Marie Antoinette’s Estate which is just a small part of the enormous gardens. I didn’t have time to see all of the gardens except some people were taking a train to get around which I thought was clever. I prefer walking though so that’s what I did.
It was such a beautiful walk through tall maze-like hedges and past water fountains all the way to my destination.
I entered the gardens via Marie’s House. I saw her bedroom, kitchen and other rooms. It was much smaller than the enormous and extravagant palace but was cosy and homely…for a monarch 🙂

Then I exited the house and walked through a little door in the wall to Marie’s garden!


I met a friendly swan in a pond there 🙂

I walked across a small wooden flower-covered bridge over some water to the beautiful white gazebo in the garden.
After that I meandered down paths through the trees which was fun.

I found cute cottages with thatched roofs and a building which looked like a light house.


I even found a village in her garden! But it was getting late and I didn’t want to get caught in the gardens after dark so I made my way back through the palace and to the train station.
I really had saved my best ever experience from this entire trip to last. Visiting Versailles was indescribably brilliant.

August 7, 2012

French Fries in France

I had French Fries today 🙂 I am in France and they invented them, so why not try a food of theirs which isn’t snails? 😀


August 6, 2012



I walked to Sacre-Coeur today, which is a beautiful church just 15 minutes away from me in Montmatre’. It was fun to go inside the church and see the stained glass windows, statues and twinkling candles. People were praying and there was a sign on the wall demanding silence.
It was very soothing to walk through such a calm and peaceful place and be part of that relaxed atmosphere. There were areas where people made confessions and informative signs about the church on the walls which were mostly in French but many had pictures on them too. No photos were allowed within the church.
When I went outside the church,
after looking at everything inside it, I sat on the sunny stairs out the front and looked down at Paris from the high hill I was on.
The view was rewarding and magnificent.

On my way back I turned left and sat in a beautiful green park with shady trees where a couple was picnicking and others like me, just sat enjoying the tranquility of the place.
Then I walked back to my accommodation past a chocolate and biscuit shop which had beautiful displays of delectable treats which I just had to look at.




The streets were lined with souvenir shops and I bought a Paris tee shirt. They also had lots of sales on so I bought some other clothes too which I sent off in a parcel to Australia a bit later on so it wouldn’t add to my already packed luggage. Then my day was done and it was time to relax and prepare for tomorrow 🙂


August 5, 2012

Musee’ d’Orsay


I went to Musee’ d’Orsay today! I walked past the Louvre’, past the orangery and along the River Seine, all the way to the Grand Palais (Grand Palace), walking just a tad bit too far, past my chosen destination. I was so glad I did though, for the palace was absolutely beautiful. It was just that magnificent architecture all over again which I love so much.



After taking photos of the palace I walked across a bridge over the river and started walking back the way I came except on the side of the river the museum would be on. At last, just as the rain was starting to fall, I was there!


Inside the museum I saw sculptures, fancy furniture, pottery and of course the paintings! I saw Impressionist, Experimental and many other types of paintings. I even saw works by Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh among many other famous artists! There was also a very cool clock inside the museum which you could look through to the rainy world outside. This reminded me of the movie “Hugo”.

I went on all five floors of the museum, walking up and down the stairs to go to different levels although there was a lift there too. I took in as much of the museum as I could before it closed. When it closed many happy and satisfied museum-goers like me walked out its doors, content with our excellent experience there.


August 4, 2012

Exploring Notre’ Dame


I explored the Cathedral of Nortre’ Dame today! I caught the train RER B to St Michel Nortre’ Dame, walked across a bridge over the River Seine and I was there!


It was a magnificent sight with its fierce gargoyles, giant stained glass circular window and gothic architecture. Upon closer examination I saw its door frames had figures around them. So much detail!


I went into the silent church part of the cathedral first. I looked at many intriguing things: saints, statues of Mary, baby and adult Jesus on the cross and so much more! I could have paid for an audio guide but I decided against it as I wanted the silence to enjoy the sights in my own way. Then I paid to go into the Treasury and saw much gold and sparkling jewels. There were gold chalices, jugs and so many more things. There were jewel incrusted heads of male statues and a giant purple sparkling ring. I even think I saw diamonds in there as part of a gold and diamond object!

Then I walked up many stairs on the right hand side of Notre’ Dame when facing ahead coming out of the church part. I ascended the staircase the hunchback would have once climbed. I went to two platforms, eventually pretty much standing on top of Notre’ Dame with amazing views across Paris. I saw the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and many other sights in the distance.

I saw gargoyles and the Hunchback’s big bell. It was absolutely fantastic!

Then I finished my day with a glass of champagne since I am in France. Bliss! 😀



August 3, 2012

Paris day of Adventure


Today I caught the Metro to the Eiffel Tower. I had my printed online ticket to go in a lift up the tower at 12pm with access to the summit handy. When I got there I was so glad I’d booked online. Like Lonely Planet had warned, the queue was huge so I was glad I followed their tip of booking online. I went to the “Customers with Reservations” area and waited until 12pm with the others, when we’d be allowed to ascend the Eiffel!
Finally the time came and I was so nervous but incredibly excited at the same time.
We stopped at the first floor with the restaurant and then the second floor which the rest of us got off at who hadn’t got off at the first.
It was pretty high already and I did a circuit around the outside, getting snaps of the marvellous view. However, this view was nothing compared to what was to come at the summit.
I went in the lift for the summit queue and when my lift group’s turn came my excitement intensified.
We climbed much, much higher than before. The lift was pretty fast. We reached the summit! I gazed out at the green River Seine, the Louvre and all across Paris as far as the eye can see. I felt on top of the world!




Click on this link to watch my video from up the Eiffel Tower:
They were selling champagne at the summit which was nice. I didn’t have any but admired the cleverness of the idea, drinking on top of the world.
Then I went down to the first floor and had lunch in the cafeteria and not the restaurant as I’m on a backpacker’s budget. Lunch was great though. I had a baguette with chicken and salad (French) and a white chocolate Kinder Buono bar (German).
Then I bought a mini golden Eiffel Tower for a souvenir of my courageous experience (heights can scare me).
Next I took plenty of photos of the tower and walked to a museum which I looked at until it closed before returning to the tower to wait for night to come and the lights to turn on. At about 9.30pm I think it was, the tower glowed a brilliant gold! I was absolutely mesmerised and enthralled at this. Then I went back to my accommodation to get some sleep before the Cathedral of Norte’ Dame’ tomorrow! 😀