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May 24, 2014

Royal Chelsea Flower Show!

Today I went to the Royal Chelsea
Flower Show! I had my ticket at the ready and walked in through the great iron gates which were flanked with security. There were lots of mini gardens or perhaps they were the size of city people’s front and back gardens. These gardens had water features like fountains or a glass room with water cascading down overhead.
One building had two storeys so you could climb some stairs and be on an open roof. Flowers of every imaginable colour and variety dominated the area. There were flowers I had heard of read and dreamt of, all real! There were indoor floral displays also including sunny daffodils, blankets of sunflowers, orchids, narcissus, Australian flowers and Australian green tree ferns, cacti and, my favourite: the roses! We all drank in their sweet scents and admired how well their names matched them. They were of every colour and included climbing roses. Floral displays also included Thailand and an Alice in Wonderland one: a gardener’s
paradise 🙂


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April 26, 2014

Wandering around Hastings: St Leonards and Ore

Today I began with a full English Breakfast at the B&B I’m staying at: absolutely delicious. Later I had a slice of Victoria Sponge cake and a cup of tea at a local bakery down the road: also delicious. Victoria Sponge Cake and Tea

I walked down to the Promenade with my lunch and the Daily Mail weekend newspaper. I walked to Ore Town Centre and back. I passed seagulls either sitting on the pebbly beach or bathing in the sea.Seagulls Expenses Saturday 037 Expenses Saturday 044

They did this in certain ways including sitting on varying levels of a structure which was in the water. This meant the seagulls on the lower levels got wetter than those on the upper ones and I thought the seagulls were very clever to have worked this out for themselves. I passed a theatre, Expenses Saturday 047

a Queen Victoria statue in front of Warrior SquareExpenses Saturday 065 Expenses Saturday 068 Expenses Saturday 070

and saw the castle ruins on the hill in Ore. Expenses Saturday 061I walked back past a jazz performance venueExpenses Saturday 080
Expenses Saturday 085 Expenses Saturday 091 Expenses Saturday 092and found St Leonards Gardens. Through a towering archway and open black giant spiky gates and onto the winding hilly paths past flower beds and trees.Expenses Saturday 098 Expenses Saturday 099 Expenses Saturday 101 Expenses Saturday 105

There were bluebells, daffodils and many other flowers.Expenses Saturday 094 Expenses Saturday 114 Expenses Saturday 115

Birds chirped from the branches of the trees. I found an excellent vantage point almost at the top of the gardens where I could see across the entire area and look out to the sea beyond it: fantastic place to read my paper. Expenses Saturday 106

April 18, 2014

Lunch in an English Pub

Today I discovered a new park! I walked past “my” regular park in ImageFront of St Peter’s Church. I continued walking and tall green trees began to line the pathway. I turned to follow a path ImageImageand found myself in a park with tulips and other flowers which also had a play area for children and a cafe’. I settled myself on a bench near some flowers and began reading my book. After a time, my stomach began to rumble and scents of inviting foods lingered on the air. I ventured back the way I came and found a quaint pub on a corner.ImageImage. I entered through the glass doors and ordered a glass of Pimm’s and really an entree’ of cheesy chips. The entree’ or “beer bites” was so delicious and filling, I made it my lunch 🙂 The pub was nice and warm inside with comforting lighting and music. The bar staff were wonderful too 🙂