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July 31, 2012

Venice by Night

My room mate and I ventured out into Venice last night to experience it when the sun goes down. It was beautiful with all the lamps lighting up, people taking moonlit gondola rides, and people crowding bridges, all taking photos to try and capture its beauty. There were people having dinner by the water with candle-lit tables and floral hanging baskets dotted next to lamps above their heads. We looked at Carnival Venetian masks in shop windows then I ate pizza and she had gnocchi. We sat at a candle-lit table and enjoyed Venice by night 🙂





July 30, 2012

Around Venice


I went on a boat ride around Venice today. Just walking to the boat and looking around, everything I could see was beautiful. There were quaint arched bridges, blue water, lots of boats, little shops selling things like masks, shoes or clothes, restaurants, pizzerias and so much more. There were window boxes of colourful flowers and shutters on apartment windows which were often green.
I bought my ticket and got on the boat. It was very crowded but I got a seat after the first stop which was good. I tried to talk English to the lady who docked the boat at each stop but she either didn’t understand or didn’t want to talk. They look very cool in their navy blue uniform and sunglasses.
From my seat on the boat I saw the city on water that is Venice. I believe I passed its famous bridge and a great cruise ship also.
I also passed churches and many more buildings, all lining the edge of the water. In the distance I spied islands which I was excited to see. A great ride, I was a bit too budget conscious to go on a gondola but I took plenty of photos of then from the boat I was on. I love Venice 🙂




July 29, 2012

In Venice!

I’m in Venice and it is beautiful! There are gondolas, bridges and blue water amongst much more! I just got here today but will explore tomorrow 😀