Trip to the Atherton Tablelands and Crystal Caves


I went on a drive to the Atherton Tablelands. It was about a 2 hour drive and I took my GPS to guide the way. The road did have a few blind corners so I drove extra carefully.

Once I had climbed to the top of the Atherton Tablelands, the view I saw was like nothing I’d experienced in my life! It’s so hard to put it into words because it was that September 2 010 - CopySeptember 2 011 - CopySeptember 2 013 - CopySeptember 2 014September 2 016 - CopySeptember 2 017 - CopySeptember 2 019September 2 020September 2 022 - CopySeptember 2 027 - Copybreathtakingly beautiful. Rolling grassy hills and fields swept away towards the lower ground dotted with cows grazing. Purple mountains rimmed the horizon. Leafy green trees lined the road as I drove along.

I came to the Crystal Caves and parked my car. I saw a groovy four wheel drive outside the Crystal Caves. I walked inside, bought my ticket and was given a miner style helmet with a flashlight at the front of it. I wandered in…

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