Trip to Dunk Island


Recently I went on a trip to a place called Dunk Island which is an island not far out to sea across from Wongaling and Mission Beach in Tropical Far North Queensland. I booked a ticket with the water taxi some days prior to the journey. On the day of the journey I saw the boat anchored at sea and people wading out to it in about knee height water. It was such an adventurous feeling taking my thongs off, feeling the sand beneath my feet and the waves around my shins as I clambered on the boat after them.11794611_1020344984650703_2808606955710004951_o

Across the waves we rushed closer and closer to the island until at last we were at a jetty! Onto the jetty we climbed. I took a moment to stand on the edge, leaning on the frame and gazing out at the view that unfolded around me. Across the sparkling…

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