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April 25, 2014

Squirrel in a Tree

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I had my breakfast on a bench under a tall, leafy tree this morning when I looked behind me and saw a grey squirrel on the tree, nut in mouth. In the time it took me to take out my camera it had scurried to a very high branch, nut still firmly in mouth.

August 7, 2012

French Fries in France

I had French Fries today 🙂 I am in France and they invented them, so why not try a food of theirs which isn’t snails? 😀


July 21, 2012

Day Trip to a Palace

Today we did a day trip to the Augustusberg Palace. We caught the train from Cologne (Köln) HBF train station to there and back. The palace looked wonderful from the outside, but wait until you walk inside! They do guided tours but not speaking anything more than at best conversational German, my godmother got me an English audio guide which wasn‘t cracking jokes like our funny German Tour Guide but told me the basics of each aspect of the palace. All I had to do was key in the number in question and hit play. I loved the artwork on the ceilings of angels and other creatures. There‘s no photography allowed inside. I also loved in one section how the statues were built to appear to be holding up a floor. It was great looking out of the palace windows onto the great sprawling gardens coloured with European flowers including snapdragons interwoven with hedges trimmed artistically into swirls and so on. There were great water fountains in the gardens too. After the palace tour we had lunch and went home. I also ate a German pretzel today and I liked it 🙂