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August 9, 2014

A Day in Berlin

We had a great day in Berlin. After looking at some markets and having a lunch of Turkish food (a kind of bread and sheep cheese for me!) we caught the underground train to a station near the Brandenburg Gate. This impressive archway adorned with statues is a sign of peace and was built beside where the Berlin Wall once stood, separating East from West and guarded by Russian soldiers. Walking through the Holocaust memorial called “The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe” was a sombre experience. You walk downhill with the ever-increasing concrete slabs soaring above your head and then walk uphill, with the ever-decreasing concrete slabs until you come out the other side. I did a sightseeing tour of Berlin and saw “Checkpoint Charlie” where the American soldier checkpoint of the Berlin Wall once was, Berlin’s famous television tower called “Fernsehturm Berlin”, the Government building called “German Bundestag” or “The Reichstag Building” with its impressive exterior and glass dome which people were walking around on various levels within and many more sights like the Berlin Zoo, town halls both old and new (when they needed a bigger building they built another, larger one,) and the famous German shopping centre called “Galeries Lafayette.” Kerstin and I went inside this shopping centre and found the Eiffel Tower and many more wonderful things! We paid particular attention to the food court which was filled with many a delicious confectionary. I bought a caramel macaroon-delicious!



















July 29, 2014

Exploring Potsdam

I had a fun time exploring Potsdam today. I wandered along the cobblestone path, through the castle-like city gate and was on the Main Street dotted with shops. Buskers’ music sounded here and there and all around me people were looking inside the quaint shop windows or sitting at cafe’s people-watching. The sun beat down so I ordered a mango ice cream in 100% German which I was very proud of. I also bought a pretzel, a Potsdam fridge magnet, pink European sandals and a blue handbag. I rested a while, sitting on the rim of a water fountain surrounded by a pool with other people. We dipped our feet in the water and gazed at our surroundings. I looked up to the top of the water fountain which was cascading down with some speed, towards the Brandenburg arch, to shady trees with benches underneath and back towards the shops. I made my way back through the shops and bought some traditional German Black Forest Cake/Torte’ and some red Johannesburg berries: delicious- the sweetness of the cake was complemented by the sourness of the berries 🙂 Lovely day in Potsdam.






July 26, 2014

Potsdamer Erlebnisnacht

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We wandered over to Potsdamer Erlebnisnacht which was a selection of markets, street performers, buskers and activities for children. My godmother Kerstin’s daughter Norah and her friend had fun on the jumping castle, making bubbles and walking
on tight ropes. Kerstin even gave them a precious porcelain doll each to look after. The Potsdamer Erlebnisnacht was along the main cobblestoned street which is lined with quaint stores. The architecture is magnificent and the buildings are varying shades of peach and cream. They weren’t too brightly-coloured or neutral but just right. Tall, leafy green trees lined the pathway and we found a musical metal object that made a different sound when you stood on a different square of it. This was a lot of fun. I bought a wrotbrackwurst traditional German hotdog which was delicious. I then had a lime cocktail with ice which was refreshing in the summer sun. The heat shone down but we armed ourselves with sunglasses and hats and snacked on ice creams. I had a mango one with smarties. They mix fresh mango and smarties in front of you. Licking my ice cream contentedly, I made my way towards the church at the end of the Main Street. We found some people salsa dancing and Norah and her friend danced too. A lovely day in Potsdam.




May 26, 2014

Luxury Shopping

I caught the tube to Oxford Circus and walked along Oxford Street. I went inside Topshop and took the escalators to both upper and lower floors. For women there was Topshop with levels of shoes, accessories, makeup and clothes. For men there was Topshop Topman which had various levels of shoes, accessories and clothes too. I read that Topshop has a cafe’ inside it where you can bring items you have not yet bought, grab a coffee and mull over if you still want to buy them. I think this is fantastic! I smiled when I found the cafe’  I meandered on down the road to high street fashion now. I mean luxury, designer- every fashion item you’ve ever heard or dreamt about stores. I walked inside Selfridges and was amazed! It was so elegant and I felt like I was inside a designer’s wardrobe or on the set of a catwalk. Various areas were assigned to various designers so say you walked into Chanel, there would only be clothes from Chanel on racks around a square area. In the middle there would be a sofa and there would be an assistant, smiling and ready to help you.  So many beautiful clothes! I took escalators and lifts to various levels: there was just so much to see! Shoes were laid out on tables or on stands beside curtains. Then I caught the tube to Knightsbridge where I’ve heard the Queen goes shopping! It did look fit for a queen with its decorative ceilings, grand doors and so much more! Again every designer was here and there were multiple floors and escalators. Harrods had Egyptian Escalators that took you to every floor (there were a lot of floors.) Downstairs there was food which looked absolutely delicious. Every kind of chocolate, sweet, confectionery item and even meat and seafood was there! Then I caught the tube to Paddington Station and after some searching and asking, found Paddington Bear with his suitcase!London Monday 025 London Monday 038 London Monday 035 London Monday 033 London Monday 032
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July 2, 2012

My backpack and I :)

With only one week to go before I head off to see Great Britain and Europe, I couldn’t resist taking photos with my backpacking backpack on.

It’s Deuter brand, a German brand, so you can be sure it’s good quality and I love its blue colour too.

It’s a women’s backpack, made especially for us girls, as we’re built differently to guys, and as such need different support, although they do make unisex backpacks which cater to both genders.
I love how comfy my backpack feels and how lightweight it is.  
I aim to travel as light as I can.
I did my backpacking shopping today as you can see by this photo.

I’ll record my travels in this journal (see photo) as well as on this blog.

A good friend of mine bought me this journal for a present a while ago and I can’t wait to use it!