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August 13, 2017

Sunday in the Capital

Today I had an adventure a bit closer to home. I set off for the Australian Reptile Centre in Nicholls and was soon at my destination as I live on the northside anyhow; however, as Canberrans have told me on many occasions, 30 minutes is the longest time you will ever spend driving from one place to another in this city.

I paid my $16 adult admission fee and entered the centre. I was told there were snakes and other reptiles which could be patted which the child in me found very exciting. I looked at blue tongue, bearded and frill-necked lizards, skinks and goannas.

I met a saltwater crocodile called Charlie and spied some freshwater ones too (in another tank.) I saw cute little skinks and turtles, some of which I was able to pat. I patted a blue tongue lizard too.

I walked through a dark passage with small, nocturnal reptiles and then it was snakes! I patted a python and beheld others which were not to be patted like the boa constrictor and the eastern and king brown or mulga snakes. I also beheld the beauty of an olive python which is not venemous. Then I went to the Walk in Aviary which was a short distance away and also in Nicholls.

I paid my $13 adult admission fee and was soon feeding the birds as I got a cut up apple and meal worms to feed them in a bowl and container respectively. The kaleidoscopic beauty of the rainbow lorikeets enthralled me, as did the many other birds which also included zebra finches and cockatiels. Then I had half a pint of Kilkenny at the George Harcourt which is a great English pub in the area. I enjoyed my beverage outside in the sun as I listened to musicians perform for the hefty crowd of revellers. Click the “Sunday in the Capital” link to see a clip I took of a band performing at The George Harcourt this afternoon.
Sunday in the Capital

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August 9, 2014

A Day in Berlin

We had a great day in Berlin. After looking at some markets and having a lunch of Turkish food (a kind of bread and sheep cheese for me!) we caught the underground train to a station near the Brandenburg Gate. This impressive archway adorned with statues is a sign of peace and was built beside where the Berlin Wall once stood, separating East from West and guarded by Russian soldiers. Walking through the Holocaust memorial called “The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe” was a sombre experience. You walk downhill with the ever-increasing concrete slabs soaring above your head and then walk uphill, with the ever-decreasing concrete slabs until you come out the other side. I did a sightseeing tour of Berlin and saw “Checkpoint Charlie” where the American soldier checkpoint of the Berlin Wall once was, Berlin’s famous television tower called “Fernsehturm Berlin”, the Government building called “German Bundestag” or “The Reichstag Building” with its impressive exterior and glass dome which people were walking around on various levels within and many more sights like the Berlin Zoo, town halls both old and new (when they needed a bigger building they built another, larger one,) and the famous German shopping centre called “Galeries Lafayette.” Kerstin and I went inside this shopping centre and found the Eiffel Tower and many more wonderful things! We paid particular attention to the food court which was filled with many a delicious confectionary. I bought a caramel macaroon-delicious!



















July 29, 2014

Exploring Potsdam

I had a fun time exploring Potsdam today. I wandered along the cobblestone path, through the castle-like city gate and was on the Main Street dotted with shops. Buskers’ music sounded here and there and all around me people were looking inside the quaint shop windows or sitting at cafe’s people-watching. The sun beat down so I ordered a mango ice cream in 100% German which I was very proud of. I also bought a pretzel, a Potsdam fridge magnet, pink European sandals and a blue handbag. I rested a while, sitting on the rim of a water fountain surrounded by a pool with other people. We dipped our feet in the water and gazed at our surroundings. I looked up to the top of the water fountain which was cascading down with some speed, towards the Brandenburg arch, to shady trees with benches underneath and back towards the shops. I made my way back through the shops and bought some traditional German Black Forest Cake/Torte’ and some red Johannesburg berries: delicious- the sweetness of the cake was complemented by the sourness of the berries 🙂 Lovely day in Potsdam.






August 7, 2012

French Fries in France

I had French Fries today 🙂 I am in France and they invented them, so why not try a food of theirs which isn’t snails? 😀


July 7, 2012

Traditional English Food

I made myself a traditional English food today: Devonshire tea. Absolutely delicious 🙂