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July 7, 2015

A Trip to Port Douglas

Recently I went on a short holiday up to Port Douglas in Northern Queensland, Australia. I got my carry-on luggage and walked outside Cairns Airport. I clambered on my bus to Port Douglas. The bus driver cranked up the radio and I and fellow holiday-makers gazed out of the windows at the scenery unfolding around us. We drove along a relatively straight, wide road. Tall mountains rose up all around us. Sugar cane fields stretched out endlessly into the distance. The most beautiful part of the bus ride was along the coastline: I could see islands out to sea in the brilliant blue water. People disembarked to go to their hotels. We then came to my stop at a backpackers. The street was lined with trees. I got out of the bus, dropped off my carry-on luggage in the luggage room and went outside to explore. 

The town of Port Douglas was walking distance from the backpackers so no transport was required. I wore my thongs (flip flops for overseas readers) and walked off into the distance with my backpack. I looked into lots of interesting stores. I passed bookshops, clothes shops,  a bakery and so on. I did my grocery shopping and returned back to check in (as it was past 2 PM.)

The next day I booked a Great Barrier Reef Outer Reef snorkelling tour. This tour was for three different sites on the outer reef. The boat would stop off at each site for about an hour. They would also serve lunch and tea and coffee when the boat was stationary.

I wandered down to Four Mile Beach. Coconut palms fringed the sandy shore. Coming from the Gold Coast, it was different to see more of a wild-looking sort of beach. A broken-open coconut was lying on the sand near the rocks, its white flesh gleaming in the bright, hot sun. I wandered up the rocky headland on a small wooden path with steps.11221358_1002326923119176_5109364758988079387_o11707742_1000995856585616_283053117976710814_o
After ascending all of the steps I stood on the precipice and marvelled at the view. Mountains rose up in the distance and the beach and coconut palms stretched out endlessly. I descended the stairs and went for a beach walk. The water felt warm and the sand crunched beneath my feet, rich and cool. I walked back past the shops and looked in at the Port Douglas Markets. Many stalls were set up selling a myriad of wares. I also explored a nearby park with coconut palms facing the open water. I sat underneath the palms and listened to the palm fronds moving in the breeze. It was very relaxing.11698795_1003377366347465_1345009509944006348_o

Then came the day of the outer reef snorkelling. I walked down to the marina which wasn’t too far to go from where I was. Other tourists including from Spain and the US were there too. We all boarded the boat and headed out to the outer reef. The boat went up and down over the waves. After about an hour we were at the first reef we were to explore. We put on wetsuits, flippers, snorkels and goggles. We went into the reef and began to explore the underwater world that awaited us. Clown Fish in anemones, giant clams, corals, Parrotfish and a Maori Wrasse called “Angus” by the marine biologist and crew (because he was always around the same area) awaited us. We went to the second reef and continued to explore and the third. More and more was found beneath the surface each time.

SnorkellingCoralCoconutBoats The marine biologist told us all about what we were seeing on the ocean floor. After on the boat we were told about corals and other information. I left the tour knowing I had learned more about the reef and experienced Australia’s natural beauty-something young people are reminded to see. Boarding the plane back to the Gold Coast, I reflected on the relaxing holiday I had in Tropical North Queensland. Tropical Palm Trees