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April 24, 2016

Visit to St Kilda

A few days ago I decided to go the seaside so I caught a tram to St Kilda. Within about half an hour, we’d arrived at St Kilda Road. I disembarked from the tram and walked for about ten minutes towards the beach.

Along the way I passed a selection of quirky cafe’s, restaurants, bars and shops. Soon there was a glimmer of pale blue on the horizon: I was almost there!

I crossed the road and found myself near St Kilda Pier which jutted out into the ocean dotted with boats, ships and yachts from a golden sand beach.

I spotted fishermen wetting their lines, black swans, seagulls and in the distance, Luna Park complete with wooden rollercoaster.

I walked along the pier and saw an old fashioned kiosk in white and yellow at the end selling food and drinks. Its large windows peered at the sea and views of Melbourne from a seaside perspective.

I read the information signs about the pier’s history. Then I walked along a pathway with rocks at the edges.

Here at sunset you might be able to spot a fairy penguin or a water rat! Then I walked back along the pier, crossed the road and took the tram home. 20160423_134556

August 29, 2014

A Journey to 1066

Today I had a cream tea at Mrs Burton’s Restaurant and Tea Room which had all of these little square tables with blue tablecloths with lace coverings and real flowers in the centre. There were cakes in a stand too. I ate my giant scone and drank my tea from a dainty teacup and saucer whilst gazing out the window at Battle. Then I entered Battle Abbey and began my tour to the year 1066 and the Battle of Hastings with William the Conqueror of the Normans. Entry for an adult cost about £8 and came with a complimentary audio guide and map. It started with a timeline leading down through the centuries until the year 1066. Then there was an exhibition room filled with one side information, armour and weapons of the Normans, and on the other of the English. There was a film playing too showing a re-enactment of the battle. We could touch real swords, shields and armour which was fantastic. I held the handles of Norman and English swords in my hands! They were bolted to the wall though. Then I did the Battlefield Walk with my audio guide where you walk through what appears to be green, idyllic English countryside but was actually once a bloody battlefield where at least 7000 lost their lives. The walk is on a path which winds around the Battlefield perimeter with lots of information signs and posts for you to key in numbers on the audio guide to hear more information. I tried to picture the English on the hill and the Normans below on their horses fighting to the death! It felt really wild on that open field with the wind blowing fiercely across the grass and through the trees. Then after exiting the Battlefield I found what reminded me of Mary’s “Secret Garden”: a walled orchard garden! I also found hedges forming a sort of maze, an old ice dairy and a high wall to walk on back to the entrance! As I exited the abbey, musicians had begun to perform outside Mrs Burton’s Restaurant and Tea Room: magic. IMG_7851.JPGIMG_7855.JPG

















August 9, 2014

A Day in Berlin

We had a great day in Berlin. After looking at some markets and having a lunch of Turkish food (a kind of bread and sheep cheese for me!) we caught the underground train to a station near the Brandenburg Gate. This impressive archway adorned with statues is a sign of peace and was built beside where the Berlin Wall once stood, separating East from West and guarded by Russian soldiers. Walking through the Holocaust memorial called “The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe” was a sombre experience. You walk downhill with the ever-increasing concrete slabs soaring above your head and then walk uphill, with the ever-decreasing concrete slabs until you come out the other side. I did a sightseeing tour of Berlin and saw “Checkpoint Charlie” where the American soldier checkpoint of the Berlin Wall once was, Berlin’s famous television tower called “Fernsehturm Berlin”, the Government building called “German Bundestag” or “The Reichstag Building” with its impressive exterior and glass dome which people were walking around on various levels within and many more sights like the Berlin Zoo, town halls both old and new (when they needed a bigger building they built another, larger one,) and the famous German shopping centre called “Galeries Lafayette.” Kerstin and I went inside this shopping centre and found the Eiffel Tower and many more wonderful things! We paid particular attention to the food court which was filled with many a delicious confectionary. I bought a caramel macaroon-delicious!



















May 28, 2014

A Night at the Theatre

I had the most amazing day! I went to Tower Bridge Tube station where I saw the terrifying fortress that is the Tower of London. I saw Tower Bridge and walked across it to the South Bank. Then it was quirky, unique and much abstract art including works by Pablo Picasso at the Tate Modern. So many levels and so much to see 🙂 Went to Starbucks for the first time ever and had a hot chocolate and ham and cheese crossiant. It was raining with a cold wind outside so it was nice to be inside looking out with a hot drink and something to nibble on. I walked more along the River Thames and saw the famous navy ship museum HMS Belfast. A tube ride later I was at Leicester Square where I bought discount theatre tickets to Billy Elliot West End Musical tonight! More tube rides later and I was at Picadilly Circus with its big electronic screens and Covent Garden. Then I just had enough time to eat something before the show! The theatre production was the best I have ever seen: absolutely phenomenal. I was in the top box but with an excellent view of the stage. The actors were amazing. I laughed cried and cheered as the musical ensued. Then a black taxi later I was back at my accommodation 🙂









May 25, 2014

I love London!

Today I walked down Buckingham Palace Road to Buckingham Palace. I saw the royal guards and saw the flag was up at the palace, meaning the Queen was home! I walked through Green Park and St James’s Park in all their green glory. I found a lake with a bridge across it and a white swan gliding beneath it. Little fluffy goslings were sitting in the grass with their parents before going for a waddle as a family. I ventured to Trafalgar Square and beheld the gigantic, stern stone lions staring down at me. I admired the enormous golden water fountains and blue pools of water beneath them. It reminds me of a swimming pool because of the colour, but it isn’t one! London 266 London 278 London 289 London 293 London 296 London 304 London 312 London 317 London 320 London 331 London 338 London 340 London 343 London 355 London 375 London 376 London 382 London 385 London 396 London 400 London 409 London 431 London 450 London 489 London 523 London 533The National Gallery is right near Trafalgar Square and I couldn’t resist looking at some paintings. I beheld many beautiful pictures but the landscapes were my favourite. Big Ben was calling my name next and I saw it in the distance. The golden tower with the white clock face is instantly recognisable wherever you are in London. At last I came across Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster and the Houses of Parliament. The bell in the clock tower chimed as Big Ben told everyone in London the time. I thought if I lived in London maybe Big Ben could tell me the time every day, I’d just have to be able to see it from somewhere-very handy and beautiful. Westminster Abbey was next where Kate Middleton and Prince William were married. It is a grand building and has amazing stained glass windows. Then I caught the tube back to my accommodation. I love London! 🙂 ❤