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July 26, 2014

In Germany!

I flew into Berlin, Germany a couple of days ago and it was brilliant! We came in over giant, IMG_5894 IMG_5893 IMG_5892 IMG_5891 IMG_5890 IMG_5889 IMG_5888 IMG_5887 IMG_5886 IMG_5885 IMG_5884green pine forests and over green landscapes. It was raining a bit but it was a nice change from the heat of England during the summer. England is currently experiencing somewhat of a heatwave. After landing in Berlin, I found my godmother Kerstin, my mum‘s dearest childhood friend, and together we caught a bus, train and taxi to Potsdam. I could not see much as it was nighttime but what I could see on my journey was exciting. Peering out of the taxi window, I spied old buildings, green, leafy trees and cobblestoned streets. I felt the cobblestones as we drove over them.

Yesterday we went to a giant shopping centre which is connected to the main Potsdam HBF train station. Again, it was rainy and fresh so it was nice to be inside and looking at interesting things along with all of the other people. There were lots of colourful European clothes and I bought some myself. I got some black shorts, a white strapless dress with a floral print near the hemline, a green, tropical top and some blue three-quarter trousers (or “pants” as we Aussies like to call them) with a nice brown leather belt. I passed black forest cake looking tempting through a glass baker window and the scent of big, square pizza slices drizzled with cheese wafted through the air in my direction. We did some grocery shopping, then caught public transport back starting with a tram. You buy your ticket from a machine once you are on board and there are German and English languages displayed on the screen. I could see Potsdams‘s castle-like towering city gates in the distance…And we were gone…