A winter weekend in Canberra

This weekend kicked off with a visit to the World Curry Festival in Civic (pretty much just outside The Canberra Centre at a place called City Walk.) Golden lights lit up the trees and water fountain and exotic music filled the air; I was particularly impressed by the drums which were being played to a different rhythm than I was used to. I walked past many delicious-smelling stalls-from Thai, to Indian to the Philippines and so on. I ended up settling on a butter chicken with rice and a na’an bread all for only $12! I sat on a bench and drank in the rich atmosphere, sights and scents around me. A few people had braved the winter cold for this event and were rugged up. After that I made my way to a cocktail bar that I love very much called The White Rabbit. It is Alice in Wonderland themed and has tea cups and everything as well as Alice playing up on a screen with a DJ playing some tunes. I ordered a Tea Party cocktail and a passion fruit souffle’ dessert which came in a quaint little teacup! There were candles flickering on the tables and it was comforting to be inside drinking a delicious cocktail and nibbling away at my souffle’ as I gazed out of the windows to Northbourne Avenue and beyond.

On Sunday I drove to a suburb called Holt to a place called Shepherd’s Lookout. It was pretty easy to find and was sign posted from the road. I parked my car, put on my rain coat as it looked like rain and a wind was blowing, and made my way along the paved track. Soon it became gravelly and unpaved and a sign for Shepherd’s Loop appeared. I followed the markers and the little track winding downwards through the trees, which included some Cypress Pines which I recognised from my visit to Namadji National Park. Soon I was at Shepherd’s Lookout and stood on a metal grid platform and read the information sign. The Murrumbidgee River stretched out, green, beneath me, snaking its way through the trees all the way to Uriarra Crossing-which is a popular swimming and picnic spot in the summer time. Beyond the river stretched hills and mountains, making for a pretty view. Then as great raindrops fell, I made my way back to my car and drove home.



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