An Afternoon Apple Picking in Pialligo

This weekend I decided I fancied some apple picking as I knew the season was right and hadn’t remembered doing it in the past. I had searched a couple of orchards but decided the ones in Pialligo should be the easiest to get to.

I hopped in my car and drove off past Fyshwick and where I would normally go straight to go to the airport or head for the coast, I turned right. Immediately I was transported from city to country as signs proclaiming apples, pears and even peaches sprang up from the roadside. The first orchard I went to sold apples but didn’t let you pick your own. Luckily the owner directed me to an orchard further down the road which would let you pick your own apples: Tanbella Orchard.

I parked my car and saw the lady at reception. She was very friendly and directed me to help myself to a bucket (I chose a purple on of course) and head for the fruit trees which were not too far away, past a vegie patch and gorgeous pale pink giant tea roses. I couldn’t help myself but stop to smell their sweet scent as I went to walk on by.

I walked past the two gates and I was inside the orchard! Row upon row of tree were neatly lined up, shooting out into the distance. The lady had given me a map of which trees were ripe for the picking and I was pleased to see Golden Delicious apples (my favourite) were highlighted on the map as being ready! The rows of trees had a letter and number assigned to them which corresponded to the map that I was holding.

Soon I saw the delicious apples hanging tantalisingly from the tree branches. I plucked a couple off and put them in my bucket. I also picked some Royal Gala apples which looked utterly delicious. Then I headed back, the lady weighed my apples, I paid for them and drove off home.

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