Exploring the Gardens

Yesterday I caught a tram in the Free Tram Zone (yes they actually let you ride for free in a certain area) to Federation Square and looked at the shops. Then I bought pizza for lunch, gourmet chocolates and a nutella donut for lunch along with a newspaper and headed over a bridge across the river to Alexandra Gardens.

I got a lovely view of Melbourne from the bridge. On the riverbank on the other side I sat beside a tree on some grass in the sunshine and watched the elegant black swans go about their business which included walking up to me to check if I had any food.

Unfortunately by this time I had eaten my lunch but human food is probably not too good for swans anyway. Some swans had tags around their necks and legs. After finishing reading my newspaper and watching the Yarra River go by I headed to Queen Victoria Gardens.

Sure enough there was a towering statue of the monarch in the middle of a rose garden filled with red, pink, white and yellow heavily scented blooms. I wandered near a domed structure and spied a water nymph statue in a pool of water.

I wandered past Maple trees shedding their star shaped leaves coloured yellow and orange. They crunched under my feet as I walked by.

Soon I was in Kings Domain and I spotted the Shrine of Remembrance commemorating Australians who served in World War One. I saw a TV presenter and a cameraman on the path filming probably as Anzac Day is on Monday.

I walked up the path to the shrine, past large bushy green trees, past a huge statue of a group of men and the eternal flame and around the building. I saw statues of huge angels.

I entered the shrine and looked around the perimeter. There were books in glass cases and flags around hanging from the ceiling including the Australian flag. From the roof a circle of sunlight streamed down through a skylight.

Then I ascended stairs to a balcony at the top of the shrine. From here I saw sweeping views of Melbourne and even a glimpse of blue with a ship-perhaps St Kilda?

I took my photographs of the city, descended the steps and took a tram home.


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