The Penguin Parade

Yesterday I hopped on a pre-booked tour bus to a place called Moonlit Wildlife Sanctuary. There I walked around and visited a selection of Australian animals including native birds including a corella, dingoes, koalas, a wombat, wallabies, an emu, kangaroos and quolls. We then had a delicious lunch which was included in our tour price. I had chicken sausages, potato salad, salad and bread. It was filling and delicious.20160421_113111





Then we headed to a koala conservation place and looked at koalas in gum trees.20160421_160307

After that we drove to Churchill Island on the Mornington Peninsula and parked at a farm there. There we walked through a historic homestead and cottages, beautiful gardens including a kitchen garden, a stable and a blacksmith’s workshop.

We watched a sheep get sheared and a Border Collie called Billy round up sheep. I saw a peacock, turkey, pigs, a cart horse, guinea pigs, a rabbit and a friendly sulphur crested cockatoo called George who said “Hello George” and cocked his head from side to side.

Back onto the bus and onto the most anticipated event of the day-the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island! We walked around and took photos of the beautiful island before being brought to the entrance to the penguin viewing area. We showed our penguin viewing tickets and walked over the threshold.

I had a dinner of chicken schnitzel with chips, salad and gravy with a Pepsi and a gingerbread biscuit. Then as the sky darkened and penguin time drew near, I walked along the boardwalk past the penguin burrows and took a seat facing the sea.

Soon enough groups of little fairy penguins emerged out of the sea and waddled onto the shore and to their burrows in front of an enthralled audience. It was absolutely magical.


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