Day out in the Dandenong

Today I hopped on a pre-booked tour bus and was whisked away along with a busload of other tourists-a couple domestic and the others overseas-across the lush green fields and farmland adorned with trees flecked with red and yellow, to the Dandenong Ranges.20160420_085321

We passed sheep, cows, horses, shetland ponies and birds. The bus stopped at a cafe’ which was in the rainforest. It was cool here so we all wore cardigans or jumpers. We had been given plastic tokens for a Devonshire Tea morning tea.

We entered the cafe’ and were ushered to a table filled with baskets of soft fluffy scones and silver-coloured bowls of jam and cream.

We sat down at the tables, ate our scones and drank our tea and coffee by pouring silver coloured tea and coffee pots into white porcelain dainty cups on saucers. It felt very elegant to have a Devonshire Tea, chat with others and look out of the big glass window into the rainforest beyond which at one time had white sulphur crested cockatoos perched on branches.

After my Devonshire Tea, I wandered down a nearby rainforest path with tree ferns with large overhanging fronds guiding the way. Information signs popped up on the sides of the walk.

After that I entered a bird feeding enclosure, was given a plate of food and fed the cockatoos. Immediately they flocked to land on my arms and shoulders-be sure to wear a strong fabric like leather or denim as their talons are sharp!

Then we got back on the bus but were soon dropped off at the Puffing Billy iconic steam train. The conductor marched up and down with his fancy uniform and bell. All were aboard and we were off! I hung my legs over the side of the carriage and watched the countryside meander by.20160420_105623

After about half an hour at the next stop I disembarked the train, got back on the bus and we were off to the wineries! We dropped some other tourists off at a wildlife sanctuary.

After a bit of driving past purple mountains, lush green farmland, clumps of trees and some houses, we were in the Yarra Valley! Vineyards stretched out before us. We stopped off at three wineries and did three wine tastings. We were told about the wineries and the wines we were drinking. We had lunch at a winery. I was still quite full of scones so had an entree of a ciabatta and two dips. After a day of adventure we headed back to Melbourne city to relax and reflect on the day we had.


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