Moruya Markets

January 2016 114.JPGThe Moruya Markets are an eclectic mix of stalls selling items such as plants, food and drinks, books, crockery, clothing and so on. The markets have got a lot bigger than when I came here as a child in the 1990s and the early 2000s. Back then the markets were based around a large car park in town. Since then they have moved to the banks of the Moruya River, near the Moruya public swimming pool.

When I was a child I saved up my pocket money each week to buy something special at these markets. This could be a crocheted rainbow hat which I proudly wore to school, a lucky dip, a pretty flower pot plant or a bag of cinnamon donuts from the donut van which is still at the market today.

Then my family would take the underpass beneath the Moruya bridge and walk adjacent to the Moruya River before walking up the grassy hill on the other side and visit the ice cream parlour. I always had a bubblegum flavoured ice cream and was pleased to discover that they still have this flavour. We also used to visit discount store Silly Willy’s to pick up some bargains. Other times we would spend time fishing from the banks of the Moruya River a little drive down the road. Remember you do need a fishing permit to fish in this area. The country town atmosphere (although it is near the sea) has always been and will always be palpable and the small town community feel will coexist also.

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