Exploring Mogo

Mogo is a historic gold mining town between Moruya and Bateman’s Bay. The highway passes right through it so you cannot miss it. In the popular summer months the place is bustling with shoppers often including quite a few tourists from Canberra, Sydney and even overseas.

I stopped to do some shopping here one time. I had a look at the pottery in one shop, gazed at an assortment of beads in another, looked at colourful clothes, candles and marvelled at sparkling jewellery. I bought some sweet smelling honeysuckle soap. I had my lunch at a bakery-a steak pie. I sat at a little table and gazed out of the window-people watching outside.

Shoppers walked past, gazing at the wares and customers inside the shop window. I finished my pie, bought some delicious chocolate fudge and continued my journey. I visited a book shop which had aisles and aisles filled with so many different types of books. Lastly as the rain set in, I entered a tea room at the end of the street and had a Devonshire tea, looking out at the rainy street from inside the shop.


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