Broulee Island

January 2016 122.JPGBroulee Island can be seen in the distance from the sandy shore of Shelly Beach. There it is a purple landmass across the sea. I drove and walked around the island recently. It is about a 15-20 minute drive from Moruya Heads. Broulee is a pretty coastal town with quite a few houses now but its shoreline is clear of buildings which is nice.

I walked along the sandy shoreline of the beach and approached the island. It was low tide so there was a lot of sand. I began my walk past the Broulee rock pools. These rock pools are very popular and quite large-stretching for quite a distance. Inside the pools I spotted seaweed, sea shells, colourful corals and some fish.

The walk around the island was sometimes a little tricky when I navigated my way over the pebbles. I marvelled at the ocean views which surrounded me and spotted sooty oyster catchers and seagulls on the rocks. The middle of the island is bushland and has a path going right through it. Soon I had walked the perimeter of the island and settled on a nearby patrolled beach to have a swim.


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