Exploring Fitzroy Island

I caught a boat to Fitzroy Island. The boat was a huge catamaran which could fit loads of people. We took our seats and began our voyage to Fitzroy Island! The journey took about 45 minutes and we were lucky that the ocean was calm.20150928_100115wpid-20150928_100124.jpgwpid-20150928_100239.jpg

Soon we arrived at the island. The ocean surrounding it and its reef was a brilliant turquoise blue which blended into a darker blue as the water got deeper. We all disembarked the vessel and boarded the wooden jetty which led to the island.

Once on the island I hired a snorkel, goggles and flippers for $15. The company had laid out different flippers with sizes marked on them for us to try on beforehand. Once I’d hired the gear, I made my way down the coral sand and snorkelled around some rocks. Tropical fish greeted me and their bright colours gleamed in the sunlight beneath the ocean’s surface. I saw Parrotfish, Clownfish and an Angel Fish. The fish ate what looked like moss around the coral and I could even hear them eating under water.wpid-20150928_120016.jpg

After snorkelling for about two hours I sunbaked on my towel. Later I returned my snorkel gear and did the Secret Garden walk. There were a lot of rocks to climb but it was good exercise. I came to a wooden platform lookout with a bench. It was very peaceful looking up into the green rainforest foliage and hearing the sounds of its creatures. I saw some brown skinks which camouflaged well with surrounding twigs.wpid-20150928_131712.jpg

After the walk, I made my way to Nudie Beach. The walk afforded fantastic lookouts of views of the ocean. I arrived at Nudie Beach, laid down my towel under some shade and went swimming. Even without a snorkel and goggles I could still see tropical fish in the clear water which had excellent visability.

I sunbaked again. Then seeing it was almost time for the boat to depart the island, I made my way back towards the jetty. On the way I arrived at the General Store and bought a choc mint Drumstick ice cream. I sat on a rock near the jetty eating it and gazing at the brilliant blue ocean between the palm trees. Then it was time to go and I bid farwell to a beautiful island and boarded the boat back to Cairns.wpid-20150928_105808.jpg


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