Potsdamer Erlebnisnacht

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We wandered over to Potsdamer Erlebnisnacht which was a selection of markets, street performers, buskers and activities for children. My godmother Kerstin’s daughter Norah and her friend had fun on the jumping castle, making bubbles and walking
on tight ropes. Kerstin even gave them a precious porcelain doll each to look after. The Potsdamer Erlebnisnacht was along the main cobblestoned street which is lined with quaint stores. The architecture is magnificent and the buildings are varying shades of peach and cream. They weren’t too brightly-coloured or neutral but just right. Tall, leafy green trees lined the pathway and we found a musical metal object that made a different sound when you stood on a different square of it. This was a lot of fun. I bought a wrotbrackwurst traditional German hotdog which was delicious. I then had a lime cocktail with ice which was refreshing in the summer sun. The heat shone down but we armed ourselves with sunglasses and hats and snacked on ice creams. I had a mango one with smarties. They mix fresh mango and smarties in front of you. Licking my ice cream contentedly, I made my way towards the church at the end of the Main Street. We found some people salsa dancing and Norah and her friend danced too. A lovely day in Potsdam.





2 Comments to “Potsdamer Erlebnisnacht”

  1. Erlebnisnacht sounds enticing. Will you be going to Schloessernacht as well?

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