A visit to Saint Paul’s Cathedral

Today I watched the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace. I peeked between the metal railings on the surrounding palace wall, in at the guards in red with their black bearskin hats, marching around. A brass band was also playing. I think the ceremony took about an hour but it was fantastic, with something always happening somewhere. There were guards at different parts of the front of the palace and eventually they all marched together through the crowd. This part was very spectacular! Then I caught the tube to St Paul’s Cathedral and ventured into the green, serene church courtyard. There were statues and great ornate arches. I looked up at the huge, magnificent building that is St Paul’s Cathedral through the trees. Its domed top peaked out the top over the branches. I didn’t go inside today but had My 23rd Birthday England 009 My 23rd Birthday England 024 - Copy My 23rd Birthday England 035 My 23rd Birthday England 048 My 23rd Birthday England 050 - Copy My 23rd Birthday England 053 My 23rd Birthday England 056 - Copy My 23rd Birthday England 062 - Copy My 23rd Birthday England 064 My 23rd Birthday England 079my lunch outside the cathedral with everyone else. Very peaceful place 🙂


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