Royal Chelsea Flower Show!

Today I went to the Royal Chelsea
Flower Show! I had my ticket at the ready and walked in through the great iron gates which were flanked with security. There were lots of mini gardens or perhaps they were the size of city people’s front and back gardens. These gardens had water features like fountains or a glass room with water cascading down overhead.
One building had two storeys so you could climb some stairs and be on an open roof. Flowers of every imaginable colour and variety dominated the area. There were flowers I had heard of read and dreamt of, all real! There were indoor floral displays also including sunny daffodils, blankets of sunflowers, orchids, narcissus, Australian flowers and Australian green tree ferns, cacti and, my favourite: the roses! We all drank in their sweet scents and admired how well their names matched them. They were of every colour and included climbing roses. Floral displays also included Thailand and an Alice in Wonderland one: a gardener’s
paradise 🙂


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2 Comments to “Royal Chelsea Flower Show!”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your Blog this morning. Your pure joy of finally seeing nature’s gifts blooming and blossoming is catching. Thus feeling enticed to tend to the garden here in Australa this sunny sunday morning. Thank you for a great read!

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