Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival

I caught a taxi along the seafront from Brighton to Hove today. It was such a beautiful drive with the glittering sea on the left and the shops and old-fashioned hotels on the right! As I was walking back to Brighton, I came across the Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival! Stalls with all manner of food and drink lined a grassy area not far from the promenade. There was even a jumping castle! I bought a pork sausage roll, a very rich chocolate brownie with nuts and a solid chocolate bottom and a pistachio and honey bun which to me tasted something like shortbread! Absolutely delicious though 🙂 I looked at every stall until I came back to the promenade and made my way to a bench looking out to sea. I sat at it and ate my food. The giant seagulls were out and one of them was nestled on the pebbly beach and gazing out to sea too! There were yachts in the distance and what looked to be a fishing boat. Easter Saturday Brighton 052 Easter Saturday Brighton 053 Easter Saturday Brighton 057


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