A Visit to a Museum & Art Gallery

Today I visited the building I had seen peeking through the trees from the Royal Pavilion Gardens the other day: The Brighton Museum & Art Gallery.Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

It was free entry so I walked in and began my self-guided tour. The museum has a variety of sections and two levels that I found. I walked over the threshold and was faced with centuries of pottery describing England’s history through people, places, historical events and so forth. I also came across the Sussex Ice Age section where people could measure their height compared to ancient creatures which once roamed this area. Even the dragonfly was huge. A history of Brighton was in another section describing how the Brighton area was once a seaside resort where people would come and bathe for health benefits. They would have their own personal “bathers” for men and “dippers” for women. There was a history of fashion in one section with clothing from the past to the present on display. This included bathing suits worn by women in Brighton. My favourite item on display was a floor length sleeveless white dress with silver glittering ferns running down it. There were clothes from hippies, Goths, Mods & Rockers subcultures, gentry dress and dress inspired from other countries, nations and cultures. There were shoes too and men’s clothing. I did not take photographs. I walked through the Egyptian section with mummies and then through the Art Gallery. This place had many displays including paintings of women by women artists. It was very intriguing. My favourite artworks though were landscapes and I was lucky enough to come across some which were painted of the beautiful English countryside settings with  “patchwork quilts” of fenced fields rolling into the distance, large skies and cottages dotting the landscapes. I began walking back through the park with Queen Victoria’s statue and saw a water fountain spouting water high into the sky.Water Fountain

I also saw a huge tree with a thick trunk which looked as though it belonged in Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest.Brighton Tuesday 012

I finished my day walking through the “tulip park” surrounded by colourful spring blooms  🙂

Tulips in a Park


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