A Day by the Seaside

Today I spent a day by the seaside. I wandered down to Brighton Beach.Brighton's Pebbly Beach

I walked along the warm pebbles and felt the water temperature-not even that cold! However I did not go swimming this time. I walked along the promenade and then sat on a bench to read a newspaper: Brighton & Hove’s “The Argus” of course.Brighton Promenade and the lower walkway

Then I walked on the lower path, past the myriad of shops beneath the promenade that I hadn’t seen before. I bought some Fish n’ Chips with salt and vinegar and mushy peas and even a pickled egg. I sat down to eat my feast, while gazing out at the blue waves lapping the pebbly shoreline.Fish n' Chips with salt and vinegar, mushy peas and a pickled egg

Then I had a vanilla ice cream with a chocolate flake at the top.Ice Cream by the Sea

I hired a green and white striped deckchair on the beach and ate my ice cream gazing out to sea. Some people were swimming but the rest, like me, sat back and enjoyed the sunshine and the sight of the sparkling sea which had a few yachts sailing on it. Deck Chairs by the Sea

Seagulls flew overhead and pigeons pottered along the pavement of the promenade behind me. The sun was out and it was shining warmly down. Then I read my book on the deckchair. After that, I walked to the very long Brighton Pier and walked to the end of it and back.Brighton Pier

It has so many shops and rides on it and people there are from all over the world which is great 🙂 The pier affords beautiful views of Brighton from the sea looking towards the city. I could see distant white chalk cliffs and what looked like a manor house on a distant hill.View from Brighton PierThe View

I got a giant sweet n’ sour crepe of lemon and sugar which was nice.Sweet n' Sour Crepe with Lemon and Sugar

Then I walked off the pier and went for a ride on the Brighton Wheel which took me high above the pier with more views of the beach and the towns and cities hugging the coastline 🙂Brighton WheelView from the Brighton Wheel

Then as I was walking back to my accommodation, I stopped by a pretty Italian restaurant with glass doors open to the walkway outside, affording garden views. I ordered two slices of delicious Mozzarella pizza and a lemonade: perfect end to a lovely day 🙂


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