Cream Tea in a Palace!

Today I had Cream Tea in a palace! I went to the Royal Pavilion which was through a park filled with tulips,

Sunday in Brighton 084

past Queen Victoria’s statue gazing imposingly down on meQueen Victoria Statue

and past the statue of King George IV.King George IV Statue

I walked through the Royal Pavilion Gardens which were filled with many different coloured flowers which had little fences to protect them from being trampled upon. The footpath wound past the flower beds and was dotted with lamp posts.Pathway with Flowers

I came to the Royal Pavilion, got my audio guide and began my tour! No photos allowed inside the palace sorry guys but it’s amazing! I keyed in the number for each part of the palace I was in including the King’s Kitchen, Queen Victoria’s Bedchamber, the King’s Bedchamber, an underground servant passageway which passed beneath the gardens and, my favourite, the Banqueting Room! It has a 9m long giant chandelier with a silver dragon at the top and, lower down, smaller silver dragons “breathing out” parts of the chandelier! The building has an Indian influence to the outside and a Chinese influence to the inside. It has dragons and many other things throughout the palace. Then I went to the Tea Room on the top floor and ordered a Cream Tea which is a scone with jam and cream, a cup of tea and saucer, a pot of sugar, jug of milk and adorable little teapot. I had an excellent vantage point overlooking the gardens whilst I sipped my nice hot tea.Cream Tea overlooking Gardens

Then I had Brighton Rock candy in the Royal Pavilion Gardens as buskers’ music echoed through the air. Splendid day 🙂

Brighton Rock


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