Around Brighton

Today I had an English Breakfast with bacon, an egg, baked beans, a sausage and a hash brown with my Twinings cup of English Breakfast tea. It was the perfect beginning to the weekend. Then I wandered into my favourite park in Brighton outside the magnificent beauty of St Peter’s Church. All around me people were walking, cycling, walking their dogs, catching buses, shopping, or like me, enjoying the park. I had bought the newspapers The Times and The Daily Mirror to read in my favourite spot there. As I was reading I heard my favourite sound in all the world: the chiming of church bells and they were coming from the church right in front of me! I gazed up at the church with its tall steeples and magnificent architecture. It is a very tall church and a very beautiful one. Then I ate some English crisps. I had an English Apple Cider last night and have put a picture to show you as well as of the view from my window and the terrace outside.English Apple Cider I think I am loving Brighton 🙂St Peter's ChurchEnglish Breakfast Brighton Take Two 026 Brighton Take Two 028 Brighton Take Two 029 Brighton Take Two 030 Brighton Take Two 031 Brighton Take Two 032 Brighton Take Two 033

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