Exploring Hove

Today I ventured into a different part of the city of Brighton and Hove: Hove. I caught the train from Brighton to Hove station, ventured outside and started exploring. I passed streets lined with flats of either Victorian or Georgian architecture and trees with green buds popping up all over them. The front gardens of the flats were filled with vibrant springtime flowers such as bluebells, daffodils tulips and so on. I walked past the Hove shops and looked down the street to the light blue sea glimmering in the distance. Overhead I could hear seagulls calling and later when I again went to a park to read the newspaper I saw some pigeons cooing at me. Brighton, England 2100 Brighton, England 2101 Brighton, England 2103 Brighton, England 2105 Brighton, England 2106 Brighton, England 2110 Brighton, England 2111 Brighton, England 2115 Brighton, England 2116 Brighton, England 2121I continued walking and even passed quite a large church. Then I went back to Brighton 🙂


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