I walked to Sacre-Coeur today, which is a beautiful church just 15 minutes away from me in Montmatre’. It was fun to go inside the church and see the stained glass windows, statues and twinkling candles. People were praying and there was a sign on the wall demanding silence.
It was very soothing to walk through such a calm and peaceful place and be part of that relaxed atmosphere. There were areas where people made confessions and informative signs about the church on the walls which were mostly in French but many had pictures on them too. No photos were allowed within the church.
When I went outside the church,
after looking at everything inside it, I sat on the sunny stairs out the front and looked down at Paris from the high hill I was on.
The view was rewarding and magnificent.

On my way back I turned left and sat in a beautiful green park with shady trees where a couple was picnicking and others like me, just sat enjoying the tranquility of the place.
Then I walked back to my accommodation past a chocolate and biscuit shop which had beautiful displays of delectable treats which I just had to look at.




The streets were lined with souvenir shops and I bought a Paris tee shirt. They also had lots of sales on so I bought some other clothes too which I sent off in a parcel to Australia a bit later on so it wouldn’t add to my already packed luggage. Then my day was done and it was time to relax and prepare for tomorrow 🙂



3 Comments to “Sacre-Coeur”

  1. Perfectly pent content , thankyou for information .

  2. yep really like what youve done here

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