Musee’ d’Orsay


I went to Musee’ d’Orsay today! I walked past the Louvre’, past the orangery and along the River Seine, all the way to the Grand Palais (Grand Palace), walking just a tad bit too far, past my chosen destination. I was so glad I did though, for the palace was absolutely beautiful. It was just that magnificent architecture all over again which I love so much.



After taking photos of the palace I walked across a bridge over the river and started walking back the way I came except on the side of the river the museum would be on. At last, just as the rain was starting to fall, I was there!


Inside the museum I saw sculptures, fancy furniture, pottery and of course the paintings! I saw Impressionist, Experimental and many other types of paintings. I even saw works by Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh among many other famous artists! There was also a very cool clock inside the museum which you could look through to the rainy world outside. This reminded me of the movie “Hugo”.

I went on all five floors of the museum, walking up and down the stairs to go to different levels although there was a lift there too. I took in as much of the museum as I could before it closed. When it closed many happy and satisfied museum-goers like me walked out its doors, content with our excellent experience there.



One Comment to “Musee’ d’Orsay”

  1. Just read your whole journey report again. It is a pleasure to read it and watch the photos – and not only because I’ve been to these places too… Can you keep this website or is there a time limit? You have to keep it somehow – like a diary or photo-album. This contains so much precious moments of your life. In a few years you will be happy to read it again… or your family and friends. Lots of love and enjoy the rest of your journey, Kerstin xox…

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