In Paris!


I’m in Paris everyone! I caught the night train from Milan in Italy last night to here, sleeping in a room with five other women (they only do single sex rooms). They all chose pink blankets but for some reason I decided to be different and chose blue. I don’t know why haha. They checked passports and the police kept our passports until the next morning. Then we all got off the Euronight train at Gare de Lyon Station in Paris, (unfortunately not covered at all by my Eurail Pass so I had to buy a full price 99 euro ticket).
I decided since I was in France I’d have a crossiant for breakfast. It was so delicious! Then I bought a five day metro pass and caught trains to my accommodation. Paris’s metro is a lot like London’s tube except the metro is better in my opinion because I think it’s faster and covers more distance.
After dropping my big blue backpack off at my accommodation I caught trains to the Louvre! I was so impressed with the amazing architecture of all the buildings around it as well as of the Louvre itself, a giant glass pyramid next to a smaller glass pyramid. I think the smaller one was just a window. I didn’t have to buy a ticket to the Louvre as I’m under 26 and a European citizen (as well as an Australian citizen) so that was awesome although I still had to queue for the bag security scan. But the queuing didn’t take long at all with the line moving forward remarkably quickly for its big size.
I walked through the great archways and pillars of the Louvre entrance, past grand statues and fancy ceilings. I looked at sculptures and then antique sculptures. Then came the exciting part, paintings! I knew the Mona Lisa was there somewhere but I didn’t rush anything to get to it as I knew it’d be crowded no matter what. I passed works by Leonardo Davinci and other great artists. I tried to stand in front of paintings as long as I could to take them all in, the face expressions, gestures, figures, landscapes and actions. I saw many powerful works all evoking different emotions within me. There were lots of religious paintings, paintings by French and Italian artists (with the Italian ones having their own special section). Finally it was time for the star of the show, the “Mona Lisa!” I braved the fierce crowd taking photos of the painting as if Mona was a real life celebrity! It really seemed like she was looking and smiling at me, like she does to everyone.
After the Louvre I went through a big archway and out into the gardens. I ate Keish Lorraine and chocolate cake under a shady tree. Then I walked through the gardens, through a maze and across a bridge over the Seine River and back again.
I relaxed by water fountains and bought and wore a black beret. I spied the Eiffel Tower in the distance which I want to check out tomorrow! It has light shows at night so that would be enthralling to watch. Then I went back to my accommodation after an awesome first day in Paris.







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