In Cologne (Köln), Germany

Recently I caught the Eurostar train under the British Channel to Paris where I activated my Eurail Pass and made seat reservations (should have done that sooner: massive line) to get to Cologne Germany. I had to catch three different trains there after the Eurostar but I got there in the end, going through Belgium on my way and gazing at a shop glass window of Belgium chocolates too. My godmother Kerstin and her husband Hop (short for Hubert) picked me up from the Cologne Train Station and from there we walked to their apartment where I gave their three going on four daughter Norah a pretty purple and blue necklace which she loves 🙂 When she isn‘t wearing it it‘s in her treasure box, so sweet! Then the next day Hop, Norah, Hop‘s parents (who Norah calls Oma and Opa, German for Grandma and Grandpa) and I all went to the Cologne Cathedral together. What a magnificent building. It has black looking somewhat spiked towers and is meant to be the tallest cathedral in Europe, so I‘m told. I loved the beautiful tall stained glass windows and the statues of religious figures staring down from the walls. But I especially loved the golden shrine dedicated to the three kings whose bones lie in the very cathedral! Then we dropped Norah off at Kindergarten and went to a church which in one room had human bones halfway up the walls. There were also human skulls in a glass cabinet adorned with cloth in the same room. Elsewhere in the church was a special memorial to victims of the Nazis with dates of births and deaths surrounding a figurine of Jesus on a cross in the centre of them all. There was also a eagle on the sermon holder, which looked very stern. Then later that night we met up with Kerstin who had been working that day and all went to a German Brewery together where I tried Cologne‘s delicious beer called “Kölsch”. Coming from a person who doesn‘t like beer, it‘s delicious, so that‘s saying something. After all they did invent it (Kölsch) so what could be better than the original?


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