Last day in the UK

So today was regrettably my last day in the UK and the last day for me to squeeze as much stuff into my time in London and England as I possibly could! So I kicked my day off walking to catch the tube to Tower Hill and then went to the fearsome Tower of London! I listened to a tour for a while but then decided to go and do my own thing and look at the sparkling crown jewels! Conveyer belts take you past glittering crowns and tiaras, which were my favourite. I also went up the fearsome White Tower and looked at suits of armour of past male monarchs. I then did the prisoner’s walk up on the castle top. Great views up there! Then I went to the spooky London Dungeons where you go underground and actors dress up as characters and you experience the gory history, plague, hanging and all and even Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett! There’s even a boat ride and another ride I’ll leave as a surprise for you. Then I headed off to the British Museum, walking past Covent Garden as I got off my red bus. The British Museum has so much stuff in it. I particularly enjoyed the Egyptian material, including mummies, especially Cleopatra’s one. There were cat mummies too and a book of the dead. Then I rounded off my trip to England with the customary devonshire tea at the British Museum restaurant. It was grand! 🙂


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