Back to London

I caught the train back from the sleepy Bath to London’s busy Paddington Station. Already they’ve got warnings up of how busy the public transport will be once the London 2012 Olypmic Games begin. I caught the tube from there to St Pancras, dropped off my blue backpack and headed off to see the much anticipated Camden Markets. They were busy and awesome. They had that kind of punky gothy edge I was expecting which was great. There I met up with my boyfriend at the time’s sister and her husband on a bridge next to a giant “Camden Lock” sign which was great! Then I headed off to the London Zoo. It was fantastic! I saw lions sleeping on a wooden platform suspended over a pond in which a brave little bird was taking a dip, a tiger in its den with its paws twitching as it was dreaming, flamingos prancing around their pool in a flock of pink elegance, parrots, a giant anteater and moon jellyfish glowing like the moon and so many more animals! I loved walking through Butterfly Paradise where you walk through a hot, humid tunnel and have the elegant creatures fly past your head and to and fro amongst flowers and leaves everywhere. Then I went back to my accommodation and got some rest 🙂


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