In Bath

I caught the train from London’s big Paddington Station with its white archways and immense size to a smaller, quaint little city (more of a town) called Bath. The train journey here was absolutely beautiful. I passed tall hedges, moors, sheep and cattle, horses, cute houses and wildflowers. The journey took approximately one hour and a half but it didn’t feel anything like that because it was simply that enjoyable. Upon disembarking the comfortable train, now packed with people like me heading to bath, I saw what was in store for me.

There are grassy hills nearby but you see cobbled streets with houses stacked up on a hill which keeps getting higher. There are lamp posts and lamps in walls which reminded me strongly of C.S. Lewis’s Narnia, in particular “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.” After dropping my big blue back pack off at Bath Backpackers I went to see the Roman Baths. Oh my gosh they are wonderful. It makes me feel really peaceful and content just looking at them. I walked around carrying my audio guide into which I keyed the numbers placed beside exhibits and then the green button and held up to my ear the knowledgeable voice of my guide. The guide taught me a lot of Roman history. I saw ancient offerings to the gods, a sacrificial altar, a wishing sacred bath and so much more. I spent more than an hour there just enjoying the Roman Baths and filling my head with knowledge about them and ancient Roman times. I loved when it started raining and I was undercover. The rain hit the water and steam rose up at the Great Bath. I looked up at the statues perched on the side of the rails above and at the church too.



After the Roman Baths I was just walking along when I saw Jane Austen! Well her figure anyway but next to it was a real live man wearing the dress of the day in her books and time. He had a blue coat on, long white socks and shorts. He looked very grand. I entered and bought my ticket for the tour. I saw dresses of Jane Austen’s time, pictures of her, old books of hers, one dedicated to a prince no less and at the end played with the props, having a photo taken with a bonnet, parasol and fan all together. It was a very enjoyable day 🙂

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