My backpack and I :)

With only one week to go before I head off to see Great Britain and Europe, I couldn’t resist taking photos with my backpacking backpack on.

It’s Deuter brand, a German brand, so you can be sure it’s good quality and I love its blue colour too.

It’s a women’s backpack, made especially for us girls, as we’re built differently to guys, and as such need different support, although they do make unisex backpacks which cater to both genders.
I love how comfy my backpack feels and how lightweight it is.  
I aim to travel as light as I can.
I did my backpacking shopping today as you can see by this photo.

I’ll record my travels in this journal (see photo) as well as on this blog.

A good friend of mine bought me this journal for a present a while ago and I can’t wait to use it!

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