The Gap Year

I did my Bachelor of Journalism degree straight after graduating from year 12. No gap year, no break, albeit a four month holiday before uni began! Three years passed and I graduated from my degree in December last year.

This year, so far has been my gap year.

So I spent 2012 working and saving and working and saving, until at last, with a little (more like a lot) of help from family financial contributions, I was able to have the funds to allow me to finally have my Great Britain and Europpean adventure!

Having already heard how amazing the places I wanted to go to (England, France, Germany and Italy) are from friends and a well-travelled cousin, I decided that finally, at the age of 21, I was going to have the opportunity to go out and see the world.

I’ve been to England and Germany before, but I was only two years old so all I really remember is a gigantic snow covered Christmas (pine) tree from Germany.

So the tickets have been purchased and the time is drawing nearer. On the ninth of July this year, I’m flying to London and then my adventure will have truly begun!


One Comment to “The Gap Year”

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